Musée du Quercorb

Find out about medieval music from the time of the troubadours

Démonstration de lutherie les mercredis, jeudis et vendredis
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The Quercorb Museum, with its attractive displays, allows you to discover this fascinating little region. Visual and sound exhibits recreate everyday life in Quercorb at the beginning of the 20th century. The "instrumentarium" is resonant with music and displays nine musical instruments of the middle ages that have been reconstructed on the model of the sculptures of musicians in Puivert Castle. You can use headphones to listen to 9 Occitan troubadour "cansos" while you follow the words and medieval music reconstructed on goatskin parchment. In the museum orchard there are displays including a still and a collection of objects related to harvesting fruit and processing it into fruit brand.


Musical animations are also available during the summer season.

Useful information

From the 5th april to the 13th july and from the 24th august to the 27th September:

Open Wednesday to Sunday: 10am – 1pm and 2pm - 6pm

From the 14th july to the 23th august:

Open every day : 10am – 7pm

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